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Welcome to the

Micro Revolution

We combine decentralised identity, blockchain and Open Banking to deliver digital transactional infrastructure fit for the 21st century.

Your choice


What you put in it
What you give to whom and when
What others get to know about you

The cash in

your wallet

❯ Transfers instantly and with certainty
❯ Pay any amount no matter the size
❯ Can be paid between unknown buyers and sellers

Just like the wallet in your pocket, but digital

User benefits

❯ Secure portable wallet technology. Will work on any (and multiple) devices.

 Include verifiable ID without full disclosure (e.g.proof of identity, location, age etc) for seamless purchasing

❯ Users can "pay-as-you-go" without the need for account sign-ups or commitment

❯ Enables user-control of subscriptions with no complicated cancellation processes

❯ Global usage with widely-accepted stable currencies

Client benefits

❯ Ability to receive instant non-repudiable payments

❯ Automated value split to all transaction participants (e.g. song writers, artists, publishers, etc) according to blockchain-based smart contracts

❯ Makes micro-payments possible leading to brand new revenue models

❯ Scalable and global using widely-accepted currencies


❯ Reduces your GDPR risk and provides seamless KYC and AML

Our Wallet & Cash technology lets your customers control the level of verification and privacy in transactions, providing peace of mind and security.

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