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About us

We are on a mission to help everyone build, manage,

and control their own online relationships.

Our infrastructure allows users to self-manage data directly without anyone else getting in the way....including us.

As well as building regulated payment and identity products, in 2020, our identity solution was contracted by NHSx to help in the fight against COVID

Who We Are

Founded in 2017, we are a company of financial service professionals, developers, and engineers. It is our goal to transform digital relationships and make electronic payments easy and accessible for everyone.

What We Do

We are a privacy-first company with security at the heart of everything we do. We embrace change and challenge the status quo of systems we believe can be improved for the good of everyone.

Our Goal

Our goal is to transform digital commerce and relationships. We are a trusted data guardian; an online transaction platform for the many, not for the few. We are paid to operate a trusted infrastructure, not from being able to access or manage the data on it.

Our Technology

We build and manage practical and scalable blockchain-based technical services for our customers, and their customers, to use. Our technology is inherently trustless, meaning anyone using our infrastructure can guarantee that we cannot arbitrate the data.

Our People

We have a team of over 30 and growing. We are fortunate to have skills and expertise in many areas which enables us to confidently build and support sophisticated, yet user-friendly systems.

Our Customers

Our customers are varied. We build infrastructure that faciliates commerce and relationships; our customers include personal users and small businesses, up to multinationals and everything in between.

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